About Us

Atlanta’s Professional Door, Inc. founder, Glenn Summerlin, was quite the individual.  He began as a novice installer in the door business and came up through the ranks, ultimately starting and growing Atlanta’s Professional Door, Inc. into the highly successful door company it is today.  Glenn had a special genius about him that gave him the unique ability to both service and sell his customers.  He promoted his philosophy by regularly stating to his employees, “Service the customer! Service the customer!”  Glenn personally made certain that Atlanta’s Professional Door, Inc. lived up to what he professed, and that is why Atlanta’s Professional Door, Inc. has so many loyal customers still today. 

Unfortunately, Glenn passed away unexpectedly on March 22, 2011.  However, he left behind a legacy and a team that ensures that Atlanta’s Professional Door, Inc. will continue to be as successful in the future as it has in the past. 

The team is headed by Glenn’s widow, Brandie Summerlin, who is now the majority owner, President, and CEO.  She has served in the U.S. Navy as a helicopter avionics technician and is currently a licensed Registered Nurse in Georgia.  Brandie’s days are spent raising their two children and running the Company.  Brandie has Glenn’s same commitment to customer service and professionalism, ensuring continued customer satisfaction and company growth in the future.   

Brandie Summerlin, President & CEO

Ashley Hall, General Manager

LaShon Martin, Office Manager

Kathy Hendricks, Billing Specialist

Steve Glenn, Sr. Lead Technician